11 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Long Haired
Adoption Status: 
Available for Adoption
Kingston Shelter

Angel was found living as a stray and taken in by a good samaritan, due to this we don't know her history and our vet has given her an approximate age. Angel can be wary of people which is very common with long term strays, she needs time to settle in and build trust. That being said she has come a long way since being with us, she now quite enjoys head pats and has become a lap cat! Anyone who sits in her chair will immediately have an Angel on their lap. She has also begun to chat to us, lots of chirps and beeps to let us know what is going on.  

Since coming to us we have discovered Angel has issues with her kidney's and has congenitive heart failure. She is on a vet prescribed diet and multiple medications to manage this. She also has limited mobility, stairs will be a problem and she needs help with grooming her coat. 

Due to Angel's medical needs she is part of our Care for Life foster programme.

Angel will be happiest in a quiet, adult only home with no other pets. Due to her medical needs she will be best suited to a home that has some experience with paliative care cats.

You can also become a sponser to help with Angels, and all our other furry friends, on-going care.