Black and white
11 years 1 months
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Available for Adoption
Kingston Shelter

Belle has come to us after her elderly owner went into care. Unfortunately she was left to live alone in a garage for 5 months after losing her owner. Belle is a very nervous girl and that time alone has meant that she needs to relearn how to trust and interact with people again. She is doing really well with us and has come a long way. She is happy for pats and affection with people she now trusts and Belle has made friends with our other shy cats. Belle has previously lived happily with a small dog and seems to be ok with the quiet cats in the shelter. 

Belle will be happiest in a quiet, adult only household with 1-2 people. She will need time to settle into her new home and build trust with her new people.