Tabby and white
9 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Available for Adoption
Kingston Shelter

CC has come to us after his owner passed away. For the past 3 years CC was kept confined in a room with 4 male cats, 3 of which were not desexed, so he is understandably nervous. Since being in the shelter CC has really come out of his shell, although he is nervous initially, when you have been accepted into his circle of friends he is incredibly affectionate. He loves being held, snuggling up in your lap and lots of kisses and pats. CC likes to give lots of headbutts when he's happy and he will follow you everywhere you go. 

CC has gained so much confidence lately, he is now ruling over our main area (much to all the other cats disgust) and is very social with not only his favourite people but also volunteers and visitors.. Prior to his last home CC apparently enjoyed being outdoors.

CC will be best suited as an only pet, with someone who wants a very close companion and is home a lot. CC needs time to get to know you, due to his past trauma he can be fearful with strangers. Because of this we think it is best to visit with CC a few times so he can get to know you before taking him home. We believe CC is fearful of men so will be best suited to a quiet, female only, household.  The love this special boy will give you in return for your patience will be worth it.