Charlie Horse

White and black
6 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Available for Adoption
Kingston Shelter

Charlie Horse has come to us after being abandoned by a previous tenant in a rental property, he has been living as a stray around the property for a number of years. The current tenants have been caring for him and had him desexed but it's time for Mr Horse to find his forever home.

Charlie is a big lap cat at heart, he can be nervous and shy initially but once he relaxes he is a biscuit making machine with a heafty purr. He loves a warm lap, lots of pats and playing with wand toys. This lovable chunk just wants to feel safe and wanted.

At some point in his life Charlie Horse has contracted FIV. This means that he will need to be kept as an indoor only cat, with no other FIV negative cats. FIV impacts a cats immune system and makes them vunerable to other illnesses. With regular vet visits, good diet and by keeping them indoors they can lead long, healthy lives.

Due to Charlie being FIV+ve he is part of our Care for Life foster programme.

Charlie Horse will be happiest in an indoor only, adult home where he is the only pet.