Seal point
7 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Available for Adoption
Kingston Shelter

Cleo has come to us through Loose Leash Girls. She's had a very sad and difficult life. Cleo was surrendered to SPCA as a pregnant one year old and adopted out in late 2014. However she ended up living as a stray for several years around a block of flats and became quite unhandleable. Cleo recieved a head trauma during this time but recieved no vet care. Late 2019 she was trapped by LLG and the original owner was found through the microchip details, though she was unable to take her back. Cleo has since been living in a foster home where they had other cats, which she was not happy about, so has come to us to find her forever home.

Cleo is understandably wary of humans, she hasn't been shown much kindness in her life and needs some time to gain trust. She can be growly but doesn't lash out, she enjoys pats and attention on her terms and can be quite affectionate when she's in the mood. Cleo has early signs of arthritis in one of her hips and her eyes can sometimes flicker, though her vision is fine. She adores scooping her own treats out of her special treat jar (she likes to give herself extra large portions) and playing with wand toys.

Cleo will be happiest in a quiet home with 1-2 adults. She prefers staying indoors and will need to be the only pet.