Tabby and white
1 years 7 months
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Kingston Shelter

Gizmo has come to us with his sister after a relationship split and neither could find a pet friendly rental. The duo have been boarding at a cattery for a month before coming to us. They can be shy initially, having had lots of change in their short lives they are a bit cautious. When they are relaxed they are very sweet little cats. Gizmo loves pats and is very playful, he is happy to be picked up and likes attention. He can be a bit of a hunter so needs to be homed away from wildlife sensitive areas. They have lived with teenagers in the home but aren't used to young children.

Gizmo will need to be homed with his sister Jynx. The pair will be happiest in a quiet house with some outdoor access. They will need to be the only pets.