Tabby and white
16 years 7 months
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Being Fostered
Kingston Shelter

Lavinia has been a much loved cat, but sadly her older owner is no longer able to provide the care she needs and has made the hard decision to give her up. Lavinia (or Vinnie for short) is a gentle soul who wants nothing more than a snuggly, warm bed, senior biscuits and plenty of snuggles, especially on laps.

Lavinia would prefer not share her new home with young children (who in her opinion have just far too much energy!) or dogs (who she feels just cannot be trusted to know who's really in control) and would be fine as an indoor only girl if that was on offer, though has always been an indoor-outdoor type of gal in her youth! Due to her years, Lavinia is eligible for our Care for Life foster programme.