Pale Tortoiseshell
Between 6 years and 5 years approx
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Kingston Shelter

Leah turned up to her rescuer's home as a scared, pregnant stray. Thanks to a lot time and effort by her rescuer, Leah's kittens were weaned and socialied, and Leah was desexed and brought to the shelter to find a perfect home.

When she first arrived, Leah was a petrified speck of a cat who would dash away when any human looked in her direction. A year on, and Leah is a cheeky, chubby girl with a lot of spirit. She's not a physically affectionate cat, and most volunteers aren't able to touch her at all but she's curious, calm and very cool. Leah loves playing with wand toys with the volunteers and is quite happy eating treats right off your hands. Leah is confident around other cats, and will play and chase other friendly cats around the shelter. Before she came to the shelter, Leah's rescuer says that Leah would come around her ankles for pats, and liked to have her forehead rubbed.

Leah will blossom with the right sort of loving, regular attention. She may not be a cat that wants to be pet yet, but she will be a loyal, intelligent and happy addition to any patient home.

Leah would be fine as an indoor only cat in a quiet, adult home. She may be able to be indoor/outdoor eventually, however she would need to be strictly indoor only for a long time while you gain her trust.


Leah's adoption fee is $80.