Tabby and white
11 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Available for Adoption
Kingston Shelter

Peli has come to us with her sister Tete because their owner was moving overseas and felt they wouldn't cope with the travel. The adorable pair have been living on a large lifestyle block with chickens and a grumpy rooster as their companions. Peli is shyer than Tete but she is very affectionate once she is relaxed. She loves pats, being groomed, and curling up on a warm lap. Although she is usually tucked away somewhere cosy at the shelter she is always happy when someone finds her and gives her love, in the afternoons she trots around the shelter meowing for attention and treats! Like her sister she enjoys spending time outdoors during the day then coming inside to snuggle with her people at night.

Peli will need to be homed with her sister Tete. They will be happiest in a home with no other cats or dogs and a large outdoor area, preferrably somewhere more rural.