6 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Kingston Shelter

Peppi is a resilient tortie. Her original owner went into care and Peppi was taken to a veterinary clinic to be put to sleep. She is young and healthy so thankfully the vet brought her to us. Because of these circumstances we don't know a lot about her history.

Peppi has had a lot of change and uncertainty in her life and is understandably a bit wary. Over time Peppi has begun to trust us and is becoming more adventurous, she now comes into the main area to hang out and lets people pet her when she is in the mood, bonus pats if you have some treats for her!  

Although she is still wary of strangers Peppi has made a huge turn around and become an affectionate and playful girl. She loves play time and curling up on her chosen friends laps. Our resident 'cat-whisperer' and all round amazing volunteer has worked her magic on wee Peppi and we can finally see what she would be like if she could have a loving home of her own. We are all very proud of her amazing progress. 

Peppi will be happiest in a quiet home, with a gentle and patient person that is happy to give her time to settle in and build a trusting bond. She will need to be the only pet and have some outdoor access.