Tabby and white
14 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Being Fostered
Kingston Shelter

Rosie has come to us through one of our partner vet clinics. Her family had taken her in to the clinic to be put to sleep because they didn't want her anymore after she had toileted inside the house. The clinic of course refused this request and took ownership of Rosie. Tests at the clinic showed the reason Rosie had some toilet troubles was that she had cystitis, which is very easily treated and maintained through the correct diet.

Rosie is a cute little lady, she is talkative and affectionate. She absolutely adores children and copes ok with dogs. 

Due to Rosie's age she will be part of our Care for Life foster programme. She will be happiest in a loving family home with some outdoor access.

You can also become a sponser to help with Rosie's, and all our furry friends, on-going care.