Wendigo Phatfoot

Cream and grey
16 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Long Haired
Adoption Status: 
Being Fostered
Kingston Shelter

Wendigo Phatfoot has a great name for a great cat! She has come to us with her friend, Feebee, because their owner was moving overseas.

Wendigo is a petite senior lady who loves to chat to everyone and tell you when she wants attention. She lost 2/3 of her tail in 2006 so she has a cute little stump that she wiggles vigorously when she's excited. She is very affectionate and loves snuggling up in a fluffy blanket and sharing the couch with her chosen person. Wendigo enjoys headrubs, chit chats and pottering outside when the weather is nice.

Since coming to us we have discovered Wendigo has hyperthyroidism which is very common in older cats. She requires daily medication and on-going vet care to monitor her condition.

Although she came in with a friend we have found they are not strongly bonded, so we are happy to rehome them separately. Wendigo will be happiest in a home with outdoor access and no other pets.

Due to Wendigo's age she will be part of our Care for Life foster programme.

You can also become a sponsor to help with Wendigo's, and all our furry friends', on-going care.