COVID-19 update

At Level 3, the CPW shelter will still be closed to visitors.

We’ve been really lucky to have a small dedicated team of volunteers who’ve extended their bubbles to continue caring for our 18 current cats. You can see from our Facebook posts over the last few weeks that the cats are as happy and relaxed as ever.

When we do go to Level 2, we’ll be limiting visitors to the shelter only to those intending to adopt or foster. For at least the first couple of weeks, this will be by appointment only. We won’t be taking appointments until we are actually in Level 2.

To minimise the number of appointments we make, we will want to meet all the household members on the first meeting. We’ll also ask people to consider carefully whether they are in a position to adopt (eg., if renting, do you have your landlord’s agreement).

Although we know how happy our cats are in the shelter, we’re looking forward to being able to finally get them into loving homes. We will certainly let our Facebook friends know when we're ready for adoptions to resume.

Billy Jean is relaxed about it all. She says: "Stay safe, everyone."