COVID-19 update for CPW

CPW has an important announcement for visitors to our shelter.

We are restricting visitors to the CPW shelter to only those who are actively adopting cats, and only if they have not entered NZ in the last two weeks and do not have flu/cold symptoms.

We’re asking casual visitors (who just come to play with the cats) to stay away from the shelter just for now.

Our volunteers and staff are also being asked to stay away if they have symptoms, entered the country in the last two weeks, or had contact with anyone being tested for the coronavirus.

Godfrey (pictured) would like to reassure all our friends that the cats will continue to receive five-star care, and there are still plenty of volunteers around to provide our cats with playtime and cuddles!

He would also like you all to look after yourselves, wash your hands with soap and water, and hug cats instead of people.