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Want to help cats like Dolly?

With less than three weeks left for our Givealittle campaign, 16 year old Dolly is on the look out for support!

At Cats Protection League Wellington, we take in homeless cats from all over the Wellington region and help them find loving, forever homes. Some of the cats we take in are elderly, or have chronic illnesses. We want all of our cats to find their happily ever after, but we know that the potential for high vet bills can make it more difficult for our elderly or chronically ill cats to get homes.

That's why we have created the Permanent Foster Programme. With the foster programme, fosterers agree to take home, love and care for the foster cats for the rest of the cats' lives. Cats Protection League agrees to pay for all agreed upon medical costs for the elderly cats and for cats with chronic illnesses.

We have over 50 cats on this programme, and more cats in the shelter who will be part of the programme once they are fostered.

By donating to our fundraiser, you will be helping us help elderly cats like Dolly.

To donate, please visit our givealittle page:

Every little bit helps!