Our Shelter

All the cats that come to us are lovingly cared for in our shelter until we find them their new forever homes. 

Our purpose-built shelter in Kingston, Wellington, is a cat haven of snuggly sofas, soft baskets tucked in corners, scratching posts, and a host of adoring volunteers. Whatever their needs, our cats are in the best place until their new homes are found.

The shelter comprises a spacious main room with New Entrants and Isolation rooms opening off it. A large deck provides fresh air and boundless opportunities for climbing. A smaller room and deck give our quieter cats the peace they need.

When new cats come to us, they go through a carefully-managed process of quarantine in the New Entrants room and then a gradual introduction to the rest of the shelter. Every day shifts of volunteers, led by experienced shift leaders, clean the shelter, feed the cats, keep a close eye on their health, and give them all the loving they want or need.